Reinventing Thermoforming Films

We are proud to introduce the new generation of thermoforming films:

All of our products are built and designed with one goal in mind: To exceed our customer’s expectations. When we analyzed the current thermoforming film market, we saw a lot of opportunities that we knew we could fix. From there, our award-winning R&D department got to work, taking all the input from our clients, to create something truly revolutionary. And arrived with our patented groundbreaking technology: Epzilon films


What makes Epzilon films special?


Lowest Film thickness to deep draw ratio in the market

We have designed a unique material that ensures the lowest thickness to deep draw ratio film in the market. All while maintaining uniformity throughout the walls, base, fold, and corners of the formed tray.

With our patented technology, we can do all of this while saving 50% of the plastic without diminishing its gas barrier and puncture resistance.

Superior shrinking characteristics

How standard film looks

How Epzilon films looks


More film in every roll, for less changes and reduced set up times

Epzilon thermoforming films come with a thickness of 3.5 mils vs. standard thermoforming films of 7 mils. Because of this, we can offer rolls with the same diameter, but with twice the lenght (up to 278 feet against 140 feet of standard film rolls). Our patented technology helps you reduce setup times by half, and reduce plastic consumption as well.


And that’s not all…


It’s biodegradable

We are aware of the impact that the overconsumption of plastic has done to our planet. But we also know how efficient plastic is in protecting food in a viable way. That is why we have incorporated our ZUBIOX technology into Epzilon films. With this product, you can sleep well, thinking your product is protected and the package doesn’t affect our environment.

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